How do I remove someone from my shared plan?

Steve Lloyd 4 years ago • updated by mail 3 months ago 4

I show 2 situations with my shared plan:

1 person shows twice. This is likely because they had an old phone that was updated to a new phone.

I had a family member on the shared plan that is no longer on the plan

I can find no way to remove a single entry for 1 person that shows multiple phones nor I can I find a way to remove an entire individual from the shared [lan. What am I doing wrong?


Same problem .... would be nice to see an answer, other than resetting the app and setting up all over again


Really 4 months and no answer to this question? Not even a response from the app creators? Can we at least get a this is not possible if it is not??


It would be very helpful for the plan owner to have the ability to edit members on the shared plan. Having to tell current members of the shared plan to abandon the plan in order to create a new one is not efficient at all.

If this is not possible now, could this be added in an update? Any response on this would be greatly appreciated.


Please add an option to delete members so old phones can be removed. I can’t see why this would be a difficult feature to add.