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What's the purpose of "Connect to secure my data manager server - VPN? How does it work?

Sunil Jacob 3 years ago • updated by Hugo 11 months ago 17

What's the purpose of "Connect to secure my data manager server - VPN? How does it work?

What are the implications of not using it?

What are the implications of using it?


This is a pretty straight-forward question. Surprised it has gone unanswered for 4 months.


Is a sneaky wy for packets sniffing mybe no answer in months?

I have the same question. This question was asked 11 months ago, and no answer. It looks to me like My Data Manager isn't interested in providing support for its users.


Hello Everyone,

This feature longer exists in My Data Manager. Its been already months we took it off. We suggest you to update My Data Manager to the latest version.

VPN no longer exists with MDM?

& I can't turn mine off...?

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Hi there,

We request you to send us feedback from My Data Manager App. Open My Data Manager on your device --> tap on Settings --> Feedback. This way we will get some useful information (OS version, build number and device ID). It will help us to understand the issue.

It will be helpful if you can send us a screenshot of the issue.


My Data Manager Team

Hi! I have also contacted you through the feedback form for another bigger problem (related?)... absurd data usage ABSURD - 50+ GB in just over a week? through the APP. duanej @ valleyviewalliance. I will reply to this email with screenshots.


this happens overtime 1 second after I turn off the VPN.
I have also been unable to find a way to turn off the VPN within the app.


& I just found the disable VPN within the app. very well hidden. ;-)


Can you explain how you did this? I'd like to disable too.

When I turn off the VPN it disconnects me from my home wifi... then after about 15 seconds, VPN turns back on automatically and connects to wifi again.


yeah, had the same prob. Go into the MDM and select APPS. then disable App Tracking.... it is the image of two plugs put together (i.e. two cord ends). top left. it will slide down an option bar, deselect the App Tracking slider switch. Confirm disable.



No tiene razon de ser el VPN, y quiza por eso no hay respuesta del proveedor de la aplicación, solicitar que apliucación y ubicación y datos generales, es solo para obtener información adicional del usuario para otros fines. no confio en la aplicación, cambiare por otra que hay muchas opciones mas discretas y serias.

que otra aplicacion de este tipo para iphone hay? que gestione el uso de cada app? gracias


Friend I think to have your answer, but none of them told you about that which is the best VPN service because tons of VPN services are available in the market and most of them are unreliable. However, i am using ExpressVPN and never faced any issue with it. 

Hi, todas the APP sent me an alarm with message indicating my limit were completed (8.1Gb). Reviewed I detect most of datas used today was consumed by VPN of My Data Manager, why does APP used my datas?