What are "Other" apps and why do they use so much data?!?

John 2 years ago • updated by LizBo 2 years ago 6

I enabled App Tracking. Pretty cool but what the heck are "Other" apps and why do they use so much data?

Also does the Apps section show app mobile data usage only or wifi too?

Yes - please respond to this. Have the same question over here, where 3+GB are being used in a day by OTHER app. How can I reduce this?

Don't hold your breath. Support seems to be nonexistent. Sad

Hello Everyone, Currently, My Data Manager can track top 500 Apps for the App list anything other than the Top apps will be counted in others. We are working to improve the App list in a future release.

Well, this is quite messy as well as useless because all the traffic is routed through the app and we lose any trace even from the iOS summary panel.

This way we have to choose between having detailed cumulative or rough day by day usage report.

Would be great to have detailed day by day statistics. :)

really need to list what "other apps" are or not sure this is useful at all. Would pay for such an app. Right now can get most of theee details already. Anything out there like glasswire on google play

Yes!! This is a problem for me as well. I know I've used many apps, but they all seem to be grouped under "other". That makes the app pointless, because the idea was to be able to see which apps uses much data