Where did the stopwatch for data consumption go?

Quintus 2 years ago • updated by TonyR 10 months ago 5

What happened to the stop watch for data consumption? This was a great feature and now looks to have been abandoned.


I agree; this was the best features of My Data Mgr because the other data tracking apps didn't have it. You appear to be in the wrong direction for me.


Plus the app tracking feature which appears to have replaced it requires you to send all traffic through a VPN. Whoever came up with that idea needs to go back to the drawing board!

Please bring back the stopwatch and dump the new app tracking feature as the VPN option is going to scare people away.

Hello Everyone,

The Timer/Stopwatch is replaced with App Tracker. We are always looking for ways to improve our app and will take your feedback into consideration.


Kavita, I think this was a big mistake. I have been a longtime supporter of this app with regular reviews on the App store and I have recommended this app for download to countless friends. It is never a good thing to remove a feature. Why not leave the feature available in settings or give your users the choice of what feature to display on the home page? I have my views about the App Tracker and the VPN issue but why would you decide to remove one feature and replace it another that does something entirely different?

I do not understand the theory behind this decision and hope you reconsider and bring the timer feature back in future iterations of the app.

What did this feature do?

I'd like to see the ability to ignore data use for a specified time to until a specified time. I have a 'Data binge' feature on Skinny here in NZ where I can purchase unlimited data by blocks of time. Other providers offer similar. The existing 'Zero rated timeslots' is too clunky to use for this purpose as you have to remember to then remove what you set up.

A simple countdown timer and 'end at' option for zero rated use would much better.

It sounds like they had this feature before I started using the app in March 2016 but abandoned it?