All data shown as roaming, not normal data.

Toby Rees 4 years ago • updated by Andres Dagotto 2 years ago 7
Issue just cropped up for for my family. Running IOS 8.4 on iPhone 4s and iPhone 6 on GiffGaff, all "in country" data is shown as roaming since July 21st. However for me on same iOS on iPhone 6 on vodaphone, it's still ok. I.e. All data is on my normal plan.
Same for me. Just returned from a couple of days in Italy (where I didn't use data roaming) but app is now telling me UK data usage is roaming data. Means the app is not use at the moment for tracking my data

Same issue, went from US (home) to UK for 3 weeks then back to US. Data tracking swapped perfectly from Mobile to Roaming on the US to UK outbound, but have been back in US couple of weeks and all domestic mobile data is still tracks at Roaming data

Same issue for me too. Need to reinstall. I am using iOS 9.2.1 and latest version of app


I´m having the same issue: When I installed the app in Argentina, mobile data registered OK, Then travelled to Chile, data tracking switched ok from Mobile to Roaming. When I got back to Argentina, it didn´t switched back to Mobile, and the app is still registering local mobile data as Roaming.

Were you able to solve the problem ? My app has exactly the same problem !!

Uninstalling and reinstalling the app fixed issue BUT you lose all legacy data points and config.

Same happen to me. I travelled outside my home country and It never return to use Mobile Plan all is Roaming :(