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VPN protection on open Wi-Fi networks

Eric1 2 years ago • updated by Kavita Divaker 9 months ago 3

I use a VPN  to protect my data when I'm on open Wi-Fi networks.    Neither of the VPNs I use  seem to work when my data manager is running.

 Does my data manager protect me  when I'm on an open network?

 If not, how can I run another VPN  while my data manager is running? 

Protecting data on open networks is very important.



Thanks for the quick reply.  So it appears that the only way to protect my data when on public WiFi is to disconnect MyDataManager VPN processes to have the ability to connect and use the internet through a true VPN.  Please confirm that I'm understanding this correctly.

Is there any data usage tracking within MyDataManager when its VPN is disconnected?

Thanks for your help.

I think the replies are now incorrect, as it appears that the app has been updated to include "Data Shield" which indicates you are protected via the VPN on public WIFI.

Hello there, Yes, the new Data Shield feature is to provide protection via VPN on WiFi networks.