App Tracker (iOS 7.4.0 June 2017) using VPN - security concerns

Steve Wong 1 year ago • updated by Isabelle Fournier 10 months ago 2

I'd like some clarity about what MyDataManager tracks using the VPN profile it installs on iOS in version 7.4.0 of the app (released June 27, 2017).

Specifically, how do we know there isn't any packet sniffing or other security issues since all network traffic is routed thru the VPN profile the app installs?

I love the app, but in this age of hacks, etc, one can never be too careful.

I would also like an answer to this question.  I would like to utilize the VPN associated with MDM for its enhanced data tracking features, but cannot justify doing so without proper assurances/explanation of just how exactly the VPN tracks my data.  I mean, everything seems legit, but as Steve Wong said - in an age of hackers and scams one can’t be too careful with this sort of thing.  Thanks.

I also have an issue about the VPN in the app.  We are using My Data Manager at work.  I'm currently running some tests to deploy all of the users in the business DEP (Device Enrollment Program from Apple).   Since I registred my iPhone in the DEP, I can't reinstall My Data Manager App without activating the VPN.  I don't know if there's a link.  I also use an iPad (not in DEP) and I have no problem using the app without the VPN.  I've been running some tests with other users (in DEP), and some must activate the VPN to be able to use My Data Manager, others don't.  We have been running the tests with version 7.7.0.  We haven't been able to find why VPN is mandatory for some users.