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My Data Manager used 3.2 gig of data

Crystal 2 years ago • updated by Tpb 5 months ago 4
Imagine my surprise, when I get an alert today.  Been home all day and connected to WiFI, this is the App that has used data.  Holy crap, there has got to be an IOS issue.  Used the app for 3 weeks with no issue and boom!  Uninstalled the app because I just started a new plan and now half of my data is gone with 27 days left.

I founded this issue long time ago and still not fixed, problem is app tracking feature and vpn it use. Turn off apptracking/vpn connection and its fine. People should only use this feature if you got unlimited data plan.

Makers dont care as mailed them thia issue and put review about issue in appstore. As I got unlimited data for years I dont care but I understand people with limited data would like have warning about this.

I do not get it why it can not track data from device it self. Why must it go trough vpn to get data? Iphone at least van see data usage from phone self why not show that usage in app?

I bet use the data gathered with vpn to sell it to third party.

Under review

Hi there,

Thanks for sending us the feedback. If you have the App Tracker enabled, My Data Manager might appear to use more data than it actually does in iOS settings. The App Tracker uses a VPN configuration to calculate data usage of other apps on your device. However, the data used by these apps might wrongfully appear to be used by My Data Manager. This data is counted twice in your iOS settings, once for the apps that used it, and once for My Data Manager. However, you will not be charged for it twice by your mobile operator. Note: My Data Manager is designed and tested to have minimal impact on your data usage.

Your reply makes zero sense....I had the exact same issue....my 10gb plan reset on 10-25-18 and went on a trip and listened to streaming music in the car on 10-28 (three days later) and then get a text from Mint saying I have no more LTE data! Nothing on my data settings adds up to me using 9.5 GB in one night other than your app! I uninstalled it and never got any replies from your company....the way I see it you owe me $60 so I can get more data since I’m now at zero!

you still have the data download problem - I have a limited data plan - there were two events a fortnight apart when I was billed by Vodaphone for 2 GB and 4 GB respectively - your app shows these each of these as happening in unit time - I have had online chats with Vodaphone who have recorded the data as being used and billed accordingly. I have sent you a detailed feedback. I would guess that your problem is that the fault is not only intermittent but alsso sporadic