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How do I exclude an application (Such as Facebook and Twitter) from my data usage total?

Stuart Wighton 4 years ago • updated by Emercy Todopoderoso 5 months ago 15
A mobile provider in New Zealand (Spark) allows a customer to view Facebook and Twitter via their respective applications without counting towards their standard monthly data usage. 
(Up to 1GB of usage is allowed)
Can we exclude these applications from counting against MDM standard monthly data usage tracker?
Under review
Hi there, 

Currently we are unable to exclude applications from your data usage, however we are always looking for ways to improve the app, so this may be something look at in the future

Thanks for using My Data Manager

well, it took 2 years and counting and no exclude fea


We need the same here in Brazil. I think this is a must have feature.

Do you forecast when it will be done in the app


i agree that this feature is a must have, especially with the advent of T-Mobile's Binge On feature where using certain streaming apps do not count against your total data restrictions. If you guys don't do it, I may just develop an app that does. Seems easy enough...

Brian, please do it as My Data Manager App team provide no answer!

I would buy your app if you do so...

The app seems great so far. Having the exclusion feature would be great as my plan exclude most of the music streaming apps such as Spotify. Thanks for the feedback


This must be a new feature. Under My Plans, click Additional Options, then Set Zero-Rated Apps. There's to explanation about what this means until you check an app and then un-check it. Then you get the explanation: "Any data used on this app while it was set to zero-rated will not be included in your total data consumption reported on the summary screen."

under Additional Options there's only 2 options which are "Set Hour" and " Plan-Covered Countries "

There's no such "Zero-Rated Apps option.

Thanks! This works. If those options are not there for you, you probably have an older version of the app and need to update it. If you can't update it, it may be because the newer version is not available for your older version of Android.

This is really must have feat

Hello Everyone,

'Zero Rated Apps' feature is available for Android version. Currently, we don't have this feature for iOS version.

Any plans on bringing this feature to iOS?

Hello Hugo, We are continuously adding new things to the App. As far as the individual app details are concerned then you must have noticed that we added the App tracker  this year. We will be more then  happy to add more individual app related features. You will see a lot more changes in the coming months.