Tethered data not being tracked

Mark Holoubek 3 years ago • updated by MukMuk 1 month ago 9

In the past few months I've noticed that the iOS app no longer monitors data usage for the iPhone plan when used as a hotspot or tethered directly via USB. Is there something I need to set in Shared Plan, or is it a (hopfully known) bug?

Please solve this issue, as the whole purpose for using this app doesn't apply as long as this isn't solved...


We are aware of this issue and the team is trying to fix it.

Good to hear that! What's the current ETA on a solution?

Also wondering when this will be fixed.

I don't see tethered data being recorded. Is there a setting I am missing? Looked everywhere.

I expect it's the same issue: I also find tethering on my Android over Bluetooth not be monitored. A fantastic app and looking forward to the team fixing , thanks.

hi all. I see many have enquiries about this but apparently no reaction from development. Is this really going to be fixed? I’m about to switch to dataman which does cover tethering...

I have the demande demand. Shared data through wifi hot spot is not taking into account into the apps tracking windows... but it is taken into account in the global data count!! It seems that this app count the data not the same way globally or per apps!! It is also something I notice that even adding the “unknown app” the sum of data per app is not equal to the globe amount of data!!

Is there any update on tracking data used in personal hotspot or tethering by Data Manager?