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Give possibility to delete VPN profile on iOS 12

Victor Devgout 8 months ago • updated by Marc 8 months ago 2

It's really annoying that i can't use app without VPN. I'm not using your vpn. I use another. But vpn profile is created and i can't remove it. It's VERY annoying because if vpn profile only one - i can turn it on\off by two clicks. When more than one profile - openes one more page with list of vpn's, If it'll be not fixed in second release - i'll remove app and will leave very bad review in store app, Sorry, but WTF? It's MY device

P.S.This is a frank mockery in the form of entering a comment to use light gray on white ... To read what you wrote, you must mark all the text ...

Under review

Dear App User,

We are continuously working to improve the app. The VPN is added for feature expansions, increase the accuracy level and overall functionality of the app. You can always disable the VPN by tapping on the settings --> Disable VPN.

you haven’t truly responded to the issue which is that the VPN profile your app creates can’t be removers from iOS