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Please make the app work on iOS without VPN

Marc 8 months ago • updated 8 months ago 4

This once useful app is about to be deleted from my phone because I cannot use it without VPN.  I have other VPN that I use for security and work and therefore this app is now completely unusable to me.

I also vote for this, even if it is a premium feature. I don't like the idea of installing another VPN client, since my device is corporate owned and it already uses a VPN to connect to certain sites.

Agreed. Not acceptable. Uninstalling right away.

Dear App Users,

We are continuously working to improve the app. The VPN is added for feature expansions, increase the accuracy level and overall functionality of the app. You can always disable the VPN by tapping on the settings --> Disable VPN.

thank you for responding however the issue is that to even access the app I need to install the VPN which according to other posts in this forum cannot be deleted from iOS. This does not seem like a good practice