My carrier shows that I used more or less data than what My Data Manager shows. Why is that?

The most common reasons why this may occur are:
  1. Some carriers round up your usage, whereas the app counts without rounding.
  2. My Data Manager assumes that your plan rolls over at 12:00AM on your billing day.
  3. Your carrier could roll over at a different time, especially if they’re in another time zone.
  4. Your plan rollover hour may not be at 12AM. This is common when your carrier is located in another time zone. You can change your rollover hour from the plan settings screen.
  5. The app only sees what your phone can see. In all network communication there is some lost data that needs to be resent. If it took five attempts for data to reach your phone, your carrier may count the five attempts, but the app would only see the successful transfer.
  6. Your plan may allow unlimited usage for some apps, services, or web pages.
Carrier Data Consumption

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