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I can send a print screen. Tell me how? 

In the Apple store, my data mgr informed about the capabilities used for safari, YouTube, for that does not work. Everything is in one group. I m not more advanced

I don’t understand, can you détail, please

now,I have 50mo not found by my app manager and this is how since 

Saturday or Sunday.

and apothéose ticket but I can’t find il

My email si :

I have another problem with your application. The application has crashed at the synchronization level in the application tracker since August or , 0 . Since then it no longer takes into account the data consumption. More than go used yesterday alone go was recognized. Thank you for seeing, because my actual consumption no longer corresponds to your application. Moreover most of the consumption concerns still and always unrecognized applications. They involve FaceTime, safari, iMessage, and the Apple system in general as if my tablet was hacked. I say this because I realized that there were connection processes on sun servers (SUN Control Procedure Call), Microsoft and Apple that I never set up. Thank you. And I hope to have an answer to my questions, please

My iOS is 11.4

I have already made an e-mails without the iOS. I use the application with a 6th generation iPad. Here are my tickets: 57330