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Due to the fact that all mobile usages will be blocked on my IPhone with VPN enabled for MDM and mobile data usage for MDM switched off I am still not able to use MDM

Reason for blocking mobile data for MDM is known!!!!

Why is it so difficult to solve this issue???

Installed MDM version 7.12.2

This information regarding the ‘wake-up’ perfectly explains why I am some other users suddenly have had a unexpected mobile data usage.

My conclusion is that this app can’t be trusted and used for registration of detailed app consumption when you have limited mobile data.

This is really pity and hope MDM can solve this


I experienced the same in August but was able to prove in my iPhone6 that it had been caused by MDM itself. Therefore I blocked the use of mobile data for MDM. 

So far no reaction from MDM team. 

Strange thing is that I’m still not able to use my mobile data icw VPN. Only with disabled VPN the mobile internet access can be used

Dear IPhone Users,

You have a workaround in your iPhone6 for the unidentified apps. 

As soon as you have your new data bundle you can reset your data details. 

Go to settings—> mobile network. 

Since I have Dutch language I hope my translation is correct 

Scroll bit down and see under the mobile data  ‘header’ the consumption of the period so far. 

Scrolling more to the bottom you most likely see that some apps can use (green) mobile data with data usage registered and some are blocked (grey) with data usage = 0,00

Now scroll to the bottom and press the option

‘reset your old details’ or ‘renew your details’ or ‘something like that’. 

When you do this every new ‘data’ period the unidentified apps will easily be tracked and traced